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 <strong>B</strong>LOCKCHAIN<strong>M</strong>ANAGER.<strong>O</strong>NLINE <strong>C</strong>OIN BLOCKCHAINMANAGER.ONLINE COIN (BMOC)

This game uses a cryptocurrency with blockchain Bitcoin SV.

Most of the tokens remain in circulation in the game, which is based on its own crypto-economy.

Token distribution



The birth of the idea of a game using blockchain technology in which each of us can play the role of a sports manager.


First trials and tests of early versions of Blockchain Manager.


Launching the website, and for registered users 5% airdrop BLOCKCHAINMANAGER.ONLINE COIN.

2020 Q4

Beginning test cryptocurrency season of the BLOCKCHAIN League.

2021 Q3

Start test season of football and volleyball.

2021 Q4

Start test season of summer ski jumping.

2022 Q1

Beginning of the first official seasons and implementation of disciplines such as hockey, basketball and others.